“Experience Empowering Excellence”

Rick Moore

For over a decade Encore has provided first class sales and service to our organization.  As their name implies, they keep coming back.  They help evaluate our needs before we order.  While the order is processed they stay in close contact.  When the order arrives they help us make sure everything is accounted for. During the installation they check up to see if everything is working properly.  In short, they are with us every step of the way.


I consider Encore much more than just a vendor.  They are partners with us in every way.  They care about the product we produce and the people who produce it.  Recently, a friend from out of town came to see our control room.  I walked them behind our racks filled with equipment to show off the cabling which was installed to perfection.  I summed it up with one word… Encore.


I wish everyone answered my phone calls and returned emails as quickly as Encore does.  I used to think I was getting special service because I’ve known Encore for so long, but as I talk with others in the industry, I hear the same over and over.  Encore cares.


Most in our industry are not exposed to hands-on opportunities or to even see expensive equipment prior to purchasing it.  Encore not only meets us at conferences like NAB, but they host local exhibits from major manufacturers that offers us a close up look and training you don’t receive from a box house.


Our organization has a comfort level and trust with Encore that simply does not exist with other vendors.  Thank you Encore for being there when we need you.