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Project Engineering/Design

EncoreProject_engineeringWhether you are in the conceptual stage of your project or need a total revamp to elevate your system into the inevitable digital world, our Design & Engineering Team can develop a structured plan for you. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, efficient design that will allow seamless integration with superior equipment within your budget. Encore will take your imagination and run with it, creating all that is technologically possible.

Our team consists of experienced, degreed professionals with certifications in AutoCAD and VidCAD who have the ability to design, document and implement your system. Encore excels in the precision of our design work and thorough application. We cater to small, medium and large venues, specializing in large acquisition and distribution systems, digital signage, television and recording studios, control rooms, technical operation centers, post production facilities and more.

Encore provides design and layout of all equipment and conduit infrastructure, recommending the best products on the market to ensure our clients can make an informed decision based on equipment performance requirements and budget. We are proficient in SMPTE standards for audio, video and control systems as well as integration with computers and technologies over IP and fiber optical systems.

At Encore we know that communication is the key. We utilize our strong analytical and listening skills to communicate effectively with our clients in order to fully understand their needs and apply sound engineering principles in the design of their system. This connection extends to all team members involved in the process including the architects, electricians, construction contractors, equipment vendors and product experts. We work closely and efficiently with our clients through this teamwork to ensure all design needs, budgets and deadlines are met. Our approach consists of:

Site Survey

  • Initial visit from our design team to talk about requirements. On this tour we will take note of room infrastructure & size, ceiling height, lighting conditions and furniture placement
  • Goals are discussed, both short and long-term. Detailed questions will be asked at this time such as what is the purpose for the AV system, who will be utilizing the system, will the system be used for teaching, will the message need to be broadcast, will training be required?
  • Delivery requirements for your AV system will be addressed. Materials such as architectural diagrams and documents will be collected

Design Development

  • With this gathered information we will analyze and create a range of options, paying special attention to the equipment that will need to be integrated to create the desired impact. At a second meeting we present the most cost-efficient and effective solution
  • An initial budget will be discussed to narrow down the functionality and application needs
  • Through ongoing discussions and meetings, the scope will begin to narrow on the conceptual design and budget requirements
  • Parameters now in place with equipment selected, Encore will provide a quote for approval


  • Schematics and conceptual drawings will be done to show the infrastructure, equipment layout, detailed signal flow, cable database, etc. All stage levels will be calculated to show the total design intent
  • Equipment is ordered and delivered and the installations process begins
  • During the installation stage we continually test the system and the client will be able to “play” so questions can be answered and any adjustments made
  • Once the AV system integration is complete, the final fundamental verification stage takes place

System Sign-off

  • Project is complete. Your dream has come to life. Now you sign on that dotted line. Encore requires all clients sign off that they acknowledge the hard work is done and they approve all work
  • Encore will deliver the final As-Built documents that show the complete infrastructure, database, equipment list and all applicable design elements. Equipment Operation Manuals will also be provided
  • Extensive training is available if needed for a nominal fee