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Project Engineering/Design

Services_EngineeringWhether you are in the conceptual stage of your project or need a total revamp to elevate your system into the inevitable digital world, our Design & Engineering Team can develop a structured plan for you. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, efficient design that will allow seamless integration with superior equipment within your budget. Encore will take your imagination and run with it, creating all that is technologically possible.

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Systems Integration

Services_SIAt Encore Broadcast Solutions we know that in order to sustain your audience in today’s world you must effectively appeal to their audiovisual senses. This can mean using a higher lumen projector in your church, a more sophisticated video teleconferencing solution for your meeting room or an eye catching digital sign in the front of your office. The possibilities are endless when you partner with Encore.

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Services_TrainingEncore Broadcast Solutions understands that the project does not end at installation. Today’s technology can be very complex and not every user may grasp the capabilities and features of their AV system without guidance. An Encore representative is available to be by your side as sometimes the manual doesn’t provide the same benefit as face-to-face training. Your team at Encore Broadcast Solutions also recognizes the importance of exceptional customer service and we make it our utmost priority.

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AV Equipment Sales

Services_AVSince 1992, the roots of Encore Broadcast Solutions have been grounded in audiovisual equipment sales. We provide our customers with the best option for an incredible price with a foundation of extraordinary service. With many years in the AV industry in design, sales and integration, we have the experience to offer product recommendations and technical advice to bring your company to a whole new level.

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