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60’ by 20’ Wall of DPI Projection Delivers Incomparable Experience to Congregation

by Michael Bridwell, Digital Projection Inc.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) July 03, 2013

FA_sanctuaryWhat do a massive 60’ by 20’ wide screen, the original Orlando Magic Jumbotron, a fully-wired wedding chapel and an elaborate education facility have in common? Each one can be found on the Faith Assembly of God’s 100-acre campus in Orlando, Florida. With numerous on-site amenities, including a full-time school, this is no ordinary house of worship. Equally distinct is the facility’s commitment to impactful communication, with advanced projection capabilities found in each department.

Faith Assembly of God’s Orlando Campus is largely comprised of a newly-constructed, 300,000 square foot facility. Located 10 miles from their previous address, the church built their new home on 100 acres of land purchased many years prior. Designed and built with the present as well as future needs of the congregation in mind, the campus wholly serves the present-day spiritual, scholarly and business needs of the group. With future plans to build a dedicated 1600-seat auditorium for its youth members, as well as additional expansion opportunities, Faith Assembly plays a compelling role in Orlando’s spiritual identity. As such, finding a way to effectively communicate with each group within the congregation was a key concern.

The worship facility’s main sanctuary supplies seating for more than 2,800 attendees. How do you ensure such a large number will feel simultaneously immersed in the on-stage message? Jeff Cameron and Gadiel Marquez of Encore Broadcast Solutions, Inc. in Winter Springs, Florida, helped Faith Assembly develop the solution. An all-encompassing 60’ wide by 20’ tall screen serves as the focal point in the sanctuary, illuminated by two sets of double-stacked 16,000 lumen TITAN Quad projectors from Digital Projection International (DPI). Remarkably efficient, the four-lamp TITAN Quads have become sought-after worship imaging solutions for their ability to run in either two-lamp or four-lamp mode, depending on the imaging needs at the time. “We love the TITAN Quads,” Gadiel Marquez, chief system designer and chief engineer for Encore, offered. “Very easy to set up, very powerful and exceptionally reliable.”

The four TITAN Quads are installed in a fully-aligned motorized truss that is attached to the building’s substantial steel structure. This was done to ensure the four-projector blend remains accurate for the long-term. Marquez explained, “When we need to access the projectors, we lower the truss, make alterations, and raise the truss without having to re-align the blend.” Although TITAN Quad displays feature both blend and warp, for this project, an Analog Way DVX8044 Di-VentiX switcher/scaler manages the image blend. The Analog Way device also supplies picture in picture content, congregation prompts and broad switching and scaling capabilities throughout the numerous sermons and presentations each week.

Augmenting the 60’ by 20’ centerpiece are left and right flanking screens, 21’ wide by 12’ tall, that display IMAG content from a mix of Hitachi cameras. Dedicated TITAN WUXGA 660 3-chip projectors, also manufactured by DPI, deliver the IMAG content to these accent screens. The latency-free 10,000 lumen TITAN 660 projectors ensure that every audience member can see the on-stage action in real time.

More than 14 single-chip and 3-chip DPI projectors can be found throughout the Faith Assembly campuses. Cost effective E-Vision 6000 and M-Vision 400 projectors are used in the youth areas, classrooms, board rooms and cafeteria. Additionally, an on-site wedding chapel is equipped to present a couple’s custom video content during marriage ceremonies, courtesy of an M-Vision projector. A second Faith Assembly campus that serves congregation members on the other side of town enlists two low-cost E-Vision WXGA 6000 displays for sermon messaging.

With such an impetus placed on visual communication, the projectors throughout the Faith Assembly campuses were selected with the utmost care. Jeff Cameron, sales engineer at Encore Broadcast Solutions, had long-standing experience with both the church and with DPI’s displays. Cameron personally walked every room of the facility, suggesting specific display solutions for each individual room that would bring the best from each space. This sense of personal accountability that Cameron and the Encore team brings to their clients is the same motivation he identifies in DPI’s team. Stated Cameron, “DPI’s Richard Hill spent a large amount of time personally helping specify the appropriate projectors for each room. That personal touch made a big difference, and the church absolutely loves the projected experience in each room.”

Although the Encore team had many years of prior success with DPI’s displays, it was important to Cameron that the Faith Assembly technical team make the final decision. So that Faith Assembly’s lead technician, Jonathan Perez, could experience a wide selection of available displays first-hand before making a decision, Cameron took Perez to the annual Worship Facilities Expo. “DPI’s TITAN Quads produced the best pictures on the WFX show floor, without a doubt,” commented Cameron.

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The church absolutely loves the projected experience in each room.